♥ Name: Amo ♥

♥ Species: California Sea Lion ♥

♥ Gender: Female ♥

♥ Birthday: 2/22/96 ♓ ♥

♥ Autistic Weeb ♥

♥ Special Interests: Art, Gaming, Animation, Pinnipeds, Pokémon ♥

♥ Other Interests: Computers, Marine Biology, Web Horror, Vintage Toy and Plush Collecting, Antique and Thrift Shopping, Character Design, Science, History (these can sometimes become special interests for me too as my special interests flip flop all the time) ♥

♥ Favorite Color(s): Pastels and dark purples and teals, but I like any color that's aesthetically pleasing to me. ♥

♥ Cats or Dogs?: I prefer cats, but I like dogs as long as they're not too loud. ♥

♥ Favorite Season: Winter ♥

♥ Favorite Music: I have a pretty diverse musical palate, but I love rock, metal, soundtracks, ambient music (dark ambient is my fave!!), and vaporwave and its numerous subgenres. ♥

♥ Favorite Games: Anything with Pokémon in it, Earthbound/Mother games, Animal Crossing games, cute PC games from my childhood, Nintendogs games, WarioWare games, Super Smash Bros. series, Kingdom Hearts games, Shadow Hearts, Dark Cloud, way too many games to count!! ♥

♥ Favorite Movies: Studio Ghibli films, some Disney films (of course), The Secret of NIMH, Watership Down, The Night is Short Walk On Girl, some old black and white films (purely for the aesthetic though), Yellow Submarine (the movie that sparked my special interest in animation and gave me a love for surreal imagery!!), all the Shrek films (yes I even like the third one even if it's awful), Incredibles ♥

♥ Favorite Shows: My Little Pony (G1 and FiM in particular), most 2000s cartoons, Hetalia, Tatami Galaxy, Kaiba, Mushi-shi, Mononoke, Twilight Zone, The Golden Girls ♥

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