This is a collection of just some cool links that I've collected over my years of surfing the web. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. I may update this page if I find any new websites!!

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Please "a href" to this URL when using this button on your website. Do not hotlink (hotlinking eats bandwidth!), just download the image and link it to my site.

♥ My Fave Neocities Pages!! ♥

♥ Other Sites ♥

♥ Resources ♥

Here's where I got most of the cute GIFs and graphics!

An amazing website where I learned how to code basic HTML and CSS!! You can learn all kinds of programming languages here too.

eLouai's CandyBar Doll Maker

Create a pixellated art doll to display wherever you want!

Make your own GIFs easily online!!

Online Image Editor

Finally, you can create your own glittery GIFs!! Just upload an image, click on Animation, and then click Glitters. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to fine tune the glitter.

Want to create something that might've appeared on a Myspace profile in 2006? is the spot to do it!!

♥ Radio ♥

Listen to radio tunes from any time period!

Nightwave Plaza

One of my personal favorite vaporwave radio streams! The layout looks a lot like Windows 95 or 98 and you can change the background to all kinds of aesthetic GIFs (or you could just keep it at the classic teal background, you do you). There's even an option to create an account and like tracks as they play!!

Listen to even more vaporwave jams!! Now with some sweet lo-fi tracks included!!

Really great website to listen to rock and metal music!! You can even choose specific genres too!!


Listen to podcasts, sports, talk shows, and of course radio. You can find even the weirdest radio stations on here, too.

♥ SUPER COOL Websites ♥

Make Everything OK Button

Exactly what you think it is.

Windows 93

A fun vaporwave style OS that runs on your browser!!

A clickthrough flow chart designed to help people that struggle with self care, executive function, or have trouble reading internal signals. Best used to figure out why you feel crappy.

Weird little website to spend an entire night browsing through. Or an entire day. Or many days. Browse at your own discretion.

Comparing Heights

Super useful website for artists that need a height reference.

My 70s TV

Watch videos from the 70s on a little 70s style tube TV!!

My 80s TV

Watch videos from the 80s on an 80s style CRT TV!!

My 90s TV

Watch videos from the 90s on an 90s style CRT TV!!

Hacker Typer

Ever wanted to type like those Hollywood hackers? This site fulfills that burning desire. Hack the planet away!!

Bouncing DVD Logo

A virtual DVD idle screen to relax to. Or, y'know, wait for the the logo to hit the corner just right.

The Deep Sea

How far will you dive? Plunge into the depths to learn how deep marine animals can go.

Diary Wheel

Create online diary entries by spinning a wheel. It can't get any more straightforward than that!


It's classic MS Paint but in your browser!!

WebGL Fluid Simulation

Chill out and play around with a virtual fluid simulator.

A website that loads up an image wherever your cursor is.

Another virtual OS like Windows 93, but with a refreshing 80s summer vibe. Grab your favorite summer beverage and chill.

Get a glimpse of parts of the outside world from the comfort of the WorldWideWeb.

Wonder of Wonder Art

Draw something and have your drawing bounce along to the music!!


Hatsune Miku makes noises as you click around the screen.

The Most Amazing Website on the Internet


The epitome of 90s web design all in one page.

Marry Your Favorite Character Online

Ever wanted to have your own marriage certificate of you and your beloved? Look no further.


The OTHER most amazing website on the web. Unfortunately the original site no longer works due to the discontinuation of Flash, so I found an HTML5 version of the site that will work will just about all browsers.

[S] Terezi: Play records.

Yes, I know. I am dumping a Homestuck page here. I used to read Homestuck so much when I was in high school, but I've lost interest in reading anything past Act 7. Nonetheless, Homestuck changed me as a person and influences me to this day. This is one of my favorite pages to just relax to the crackle of the vinyl against the needle (ah, old timey audio!!). Personal favorite tracks are 'Unlabeled' and 'I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew' by Eddie Morton (1909!).

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