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I am Amo and I created My Pretty Paracosm after I got inspiration from the hundreds of Neocities (alongside archived Geocities!!) pages I browsed over the course of a few months. I can also attribute the game Hypnospace Outlaw as another source of inspiration for the creation of my page. I've always wanted to create my own personal internet world, but during the heyday of Myspace and Angelfire, I never got the chance to create a webpage. (I 'tried' to make a website many many years ago on a free website service I cannot remember the name of in 2005 but I just pasted Youtube videos on it and called it a day haha) Now that I am much older and I learned how to code in HTML and CSS from various Youtube tutorials and w3schools (ty, most of this is copy-pasted), I can show you my own imaginary world through the wonder of the world wide web.

My Pretty Paracosm is my own kawaii tribute to late 90s/2000s internet with a pastel palette (most of the time). Feel free to explore through the navigation buttons above or scroll down to see anything interesting.

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