9/1/20: Updated glitter text and added new graphics.

9/1/20: Added Links page.

9/1/20: Started working on Diary page.

8/31/20: Started working on Links page.

8/31/20: Added Neko to chase the cursor upon clicking it.

8/30/20: Finally found out how to add looping? music and video to pages.

8/30/20: Added About Me page!!

8/30/20: Added some buttons to the bottom of my homepage!!

8/30/20: Cleaned up hotlinked images (oops, sorry I didn't know that was a thing!!)

8/23/20: Fixed the enter page button!

8/20/20: Added my first custom GIF to my homepage!

8/20/20: Added update log!!

8/19/20: Started coding my homepage!!

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